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GB1 GameBird flown by Philipp Steinbach - Oshkosh 2018 - Thursday
Gooniac33 Firey Booty : Wow!! What an impressive machine!!! All it needs is a big name pilot to put it out in front of more people!! Imagine Sean D Tucker at the controls of one!!!
Trane Francks : Wow. What an incredibly capable aircraft. Captured beautifully by the marvellously capable Julie.
pylon500 : Getting closer to RC 3D
Brian D : Absolutely beautiful acro bird. Affordable by a very few, unfortunately.
Romy Kim : I really like it. I also love it is missing crazy engine noise.

GB1 GameBird - Positive Snap Rolls

Demonstrating positive snap technique
Culo Prieto : Flying over Bentonville?
Pat Hernandez : Awesome Philipp, please make more videos,
Pat #21
zhi hao quek : Thanks for sharing! Would love to do some aero in the future :)
Terry Tomlinson : Excellent - very enjoyable
Stuart Ostlund : This is great Philipp. Thanks for the demo and explanation.

Game Composites GB1 GameBird

Fun Flying!
- unlimited aerobatics
- 200kts cruise
- 1000NM range
- 2 comfortable seats
Mark Oliver Klenk : i like und schöne grüße aus mainz.......
Globall Art : Yes, very good !!!
What is the name of the song, please? Thank you
mike abb :
Mark Rose : I was thinking about a Pitts...
SHAH JAFFAR™ : Amazing Bird, second to none ✈️




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