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LG전자 32인치 클래식TV "32LN630R" 제품리뷰(채널다이얼"TV기능")

LG전자 32인치 클래식TV "32LN630R" 제품리뷰(채널다이얼"TV기능")

2013 LG Classic TV

Journey into the past. Recollection of memories.

32-inch IPS full HD panel

Retro design
- digilog controls : Digital technology meet up with analog emotion
- Vent holes : Inspired by origin of nature

Genuine aesthetics
- Minimal and pure all-rounder
- Natural wooden frame and tree branch style stand

Various interior matching
- Classic environment
- Modern environment

LG클래식TV 레트로아크, retroarch lg classic tv 14sr1eb




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